Parking in Tallinn

One of the easiest transportation form people use to travel is driving a car. It’s definitely one very good way to move if you are coming from a country nearby. Driving a car can be a good option for families since you can be very flexible with the travel plan. Nowadays there is one difficult question when using a car – where to park it?

Some of our apartments offer an option to park the car in the yard or even garage. This feature is always written in the information sheet so people who use the car could pick the apartment with that feature included. Altough it can be that the apartment with the parking feature isn’t available or doesn’t fit any other of your requirments. Then it’s time to find another way to park the car.

Tallinn is a modern city and like all the others, has it’s own parking system. In Tallinn, it is possible to park a vehicle in private parking lots and on public unsupervised for-fee parking area (eg city street). First thing you should know is that there is always an option to stop and park the car on the street for 15 minutes for free using parking clock if there isn’t a sign that says otherwise. The City Centre has been divided into 3 different parking areas. The blue area on the map shows the parking area of Old Town. The parking on the steets of Old Town costs every day (including holidays) 0,10 €/min (6€/hour). Be very careful in the Old Town, it’s not allowed to drive and park on many streets – make sure to look for the signs! The red area on the map is named Südalinn (Downtown). The price for the parking there is everyday 0,08€/min (4,8€/hour). The larger green area covers the rest of the city centre. It’cheaper than the others zones and a lot more flexible. There is paid parking from Monday til Friday between 07:00-19:00 and on Saturday between 08:00-15:00. On Sundays and night time the parking area is free for everyone.

Parking on the street can be quiet expensive especially in the Old Town. That’s why there are lot’s of private parking areas and buildings as an alternative. You can see most of the private parking areas on sites like or Just insert the apartment address and you’ll see the nearest parking options. Another option is to use applications called Barking or PARGI.EE to find the nearest parking space. For many people who are staying in the Old Town apartment, it’s important to know about the parking area on address Suurtüki 12. It’s in the corner of Old Town and costs 3,5€/24 hours. 

If you area coming to Tallinn and still have questions about any spesific situation then you are always free to ask us. We’re there to help!


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